First-Ever Antiques Appraisal Fair at the State Fair

INDIANAPOLIS – Did you hear about the New York garbage man who found some dusty old abstracts among the work of a deceased Indianapolis artist and was able to sell them for over $16,000? Hey, these things do happen, occasionally, why not to you?

The inaugural Antiques Appraisal Fair will be presented for the first time ever in the Home & Family Arts Building of the Indiana State Fair this year on August 11 and 15. The venue is in the third floor auditorium on the Indiana State Fairgrounds. Appraisals will be ongoing between 1:00 pm and 4:00 pm on both those days, with a cost of only $5 per item per appraisal, limited to two appraisals per person.

Tuesday, August 11, is reserved for appraisals of pottery, China, clocks and glass timepieces.

Saturday, August 15, is reserved for kitchenware, toys, furniture, jewelry and advertising.

All appraisals are estimates and are based on current market values.

Antiques constitute a major category of interest for Indianapolis art lovers. Antiques venues such as the Shadeland Antique Mall can be found all over the grand metropolis, and other cities in Indiana.

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Home & Family Arts Building