The Cursed Chateau opens Friday

On Friday, August 14, 2009, the Indianapolis Museum of Contemporary art in downtown Indianapolis opens its five-week show called “The Cursed Chateau.”

The museum is teaming up with the popular annual gaming convention, Gen Con Indy, to present this special event in Indianapolis. There will be a special reception for the Cursed Chateau‘s inauguration the evening of the opening, starting at 6 pm.

Performance artists, painters, sculptors and musicians are coming together in a celebration of the contemporary Indianapolis arts in general and role playing games such as “Dungeons and Dragons” in particular.


The Cursed Chateau is an adventure book by James Maliszewski of the role playing genre. This live-arts-performance event should be one of the most unusual ever seen in Indy. Pairing it with the Gen Con convention is a natural. That event, which takes place in the Indiana Convention Center nearby, draws tens of thousands of game fanatics every year, from all over Indiana and beyond. Many of those who attend, as well as the games promoters who are there to introduce their wares, don fanciful costumes for the Gen Con convention, thus creating one big, very unique party.

More than twenty artists from Indianapolis and elsewhere will be on hand for the Cursed Chateau event at the museum, including big-name game illustrators, Erol Otus and Pixie Bledsaw.

“The Cursed Chateau” runs from August 14 through September 26, every Thursday through Saturday between 11 am and 6 pm. The Gen Con Indy convention runs until August 16 this year.

It’s free. It’s hip. C’mon down.

The Cursed Chateau
at the Indianapolis Museum of Contemporary Art
340 N Senate Av
indianapolis, In 46204

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