Indianapolis Colts official 2009-2010 vehicle is Toyota

INDIANAPOLIS: Yesterday, August 13, 2009, it was announced that the Indianapolis Colts‘ “Official 2009-2010 Vehicle” is none other than the Toyota, and Senior VP of sales and marketing for the Colts is quoted as saying the Colts are excited about it. Toyota supports communities throughout Indiana.


On the Toyota side of the fence, the Toyota people are pretty ecstatic too. Mike Rocco, general manager, had this to say:

“Our Central Indiana Toyota dealers are thrilled to join the Indianapolis Colts in this joint promotion. It’s a great opportunity to promote Toyota cars and trucks, as well as tell the story of Toyota’s economic contributions to the state from our manufacturing operations.”

The program is starting to come together nicely. Some of its major components are:

  • Displays of Toyota vehicles at all the Lucas Oil Stadium entrances
  • A special “Toyota Zone” in the Northeast seating area of the stadium
  • Registration for a chance to win Toyota Zone seats at eleven different Toyota dealers in Indy and other cities in Indiana
  • A special “Text-to-Win” contest for two home game tickets
  • Toyota will sponsor the starting line-up announcements, Tri-vision and Jumbotron, as well as the concourse signage.

Toyota has been a driving force for jobs in Indiana since 1996, and a major player in business in Indianapolis and its environs. It is fitting that they partner with the stars of Indianapolis sports, the Colts, to form a synergistic union that promotes both the football team and the cars.

Visit the Toyota Motor Manufacturing Indiana website