Change in Indiana Law Would Allow for Sunday Sales of Alcohol

Indiana State laws regulating alcoholic beverages prohibit the sale of carry-out alcohol on Sundays. Now, the Indiana Legislature Interim Study Committee on Alcoholic Beverages is on a fact finding mission, the results of which may change the way Hoosiers buy their alcohol.

Currently, Indiana law not only prohibits Sunday sales, but also stipulates where what kinds of alcohol can be sold. For example, grocery stores can sell alcohol such as beer, wine and spirits, but only liquor stores can sell beer below room temperature. So, if you are looking to buy a six pack of cold beer, you will have to find a liquor store.

The Indiana Legislature Interim Study Committee on Alcoholic Beverages will be presenting their findings later this summer. The hope is that the results of the study will help lawmakers understand how expanding alcohol sales to include Sundays will impact the number of drunken driving accidents across the state as well as the number of underage drinkers.

In Indiana there are roughly 11,000 liquor and beer sale permits, many of which are held by Indianapolis businesses and organizations. The way the laws currently work allows for Sunday sales of alcohol in Indianapolis bars and Indianapolis restaurants, as well as others throughout the state, provided that food is offered with the drinks.

A petition, started by the organization Hoosiers for Beverage Choice, showed support for changing the current laws amongst tens of thousands of Indianapolis residents. In Indianapolis, some say that allowing people to buy alcohol in stores to drink at home will cut down on the number of drunk driving accidents caused by Sunday drinkers who must return home from bars and restaurants. On the other hand, some are afraid that revisiting Indiana’s laws regarding alcohol sales could have a detrimental effect on some Indiana businesses. Liquor stores in particular are at risk to losing their customers to grocery and convenience stores, which could put them out of business causing further job losses in Indianapolis and around the state.

The findings of the study will be discussed by Indiana lawmakers in Indianapolis and may spur the changes that so many Hoosiers want and some businesses fear. To learn more about Indiana’s laws regarding alcohol, visit this Indiana Government website.