Can’t I Sell My Home On My Own?

If you’re out there looking to sell a home in Indianapolis, the question may have passed your mind…Can’t I just do this on my own? Why do I really need a REALTOR? Well, the short answer is yes, you can do it on your own by attempting to sell a home under the For Sale By Owner option. But, before you make that decision, consider a few reasons why it’s better to have a REALTOR help you sell your next home:

· Not sure what a home is worth? A REALTOR can research thousands of current and past listings to determine the best price to pay for a house in the current Indianapolis real estate market (typically called a Competitive Market Analysis.)

· Don’t care to negotiate? A REALTOR does not have the emotional connection to a home that an owner does and can remain unbiased in determining points of negotiation when attempting to sell a home.

· Don’t have time outside your day job to look at your neighbors’ homes to see how they compare? REALTORS often visit current homes on the market which will provide them information about how the competition stacks up.

· Apprehensive about the closing table? Representing you at the closing table and making sure you have all the information you need to feel comfortable and knowledgeable at your closing, including being aware of all the financials, will be a main priority for a top-notch REALTOR.

· Have a hard time keeping up with all the details? It’s your REALTOR’S job to juggle all the paperwork and phone calls necessary to successfully close your deal and on time—a very important aspect if you are coordinating a subsequent close on your next home. Of course unforeseen glitches always pop up but an experienced REALTOR knows how to handle these situations with finesse.

· Not the best at decorating? The concept of staging your home is becoming popular in today’s real estate culture. Little turns off potential buyers initially more than a home that doesn’t simply look appealing. This doesn’t mean your REALTOR needs to be master of feng shui, but rather he can use his knowledge of the multitude of homes he’s visited to rearrange some items in your home, and offer other visually-appealing suggestions, that will make your home stand out to potential buyers.

· What do you mean it’s a problem my dishwasher leaks a little? Coordinating the aspects of a home inspection, and what you should and shouldn’t consider fixing, can also be discussed with your REALTOR. You can rest on their knowledge of what is most likely to help negotiate the deal to a satisfying conclusion for both parties.

Ultimately, the decision of using REALTOR to help sell a home is obviously up to each individual. Before jumping in with both feet, however, consider why it may be best to use a professional in this business transaction, just as you would any other important business deal. And consider what your time is worth. The general coordination of all the little details involved in getting a deal to close alone may be worth your time and money to work with a REALTOR.