Hard-up Indianapolis Schools Could Lose Bus Service

Transporting students to and from school is a luxury some Indianapolis students may have to learn to live without. In Indiana , providing transportation for students to get to school is not a requirement for Indianapolis schools and other school around the state.

Since Indianapolis property taxes were capped at 1% to help struggling Hoosier home owners, school districts in Indianapolis and the surrounding areas are being pressured to make cuts where they can due to inadequate budgets. For Franklin Township, Washington Township, Beech Grove, Hamilton Southeastern and Center Grove students, that could mean losing their bus rides to and from school.

Already, Franklin Township schools have been forced to remove 15 bus routes in response to their budget crisis. The aforementioned school districts around the Circle City are proposing referendums to boost their budgets so students can benefit from transportation as well as quality academic programs.

Limiting school bus transportation to save money means longer bus rides for Indianapolis kids. The risk of further transportation cuts, however, means that some students will have no transportation to and from school at all. Indianapolis families would have to find ways to get their children to school every day, which could cause significant hardship to some families who do not have vehicles.

To find out about your local school district and to obtain further information about the proposed referendums, visit the Indiana State directory of schools and district websites.