55 Minutes of Sex, Drugs and Audience Participation: A Wild Ride

55 Minutes of Sex, Drugs, and Audience Participation at the Phoenix Theater is easily one of the most sexy, off the wall shows in the indyFringe Theatre Festival. Loren Niemi and Howard Liberman are in Indianapolis from Minneapolis, Minnesota. The pair expound upon their experiences with forbidden love, sexual confusion, and map cap adventures at a dizzying pace.

The name says everything you need to know about this show. As the audience flooded through the doors of the Cabaret Theater downstairs in the Phoenix building, the pair handed out free bottles of Rolling Rock Extra Pale. From this moment on, the audience settled into the cabaret theater, drinks in hand, with the knowledge that anything goes for the next 55 minutes.

Armed with a fish bowl full of fun, Niemi and Liberman play their own version of musical chairs with the audience. As the fish bowl of suggestions passes from hand to hand, music plays. When it stops, the person caught red handed is pulled on stage, to either sit and ask questions as the actors tell a story or to play a role in the story being told.

This leads the comedic duo down any number of roads causing them to give up different parts of themselves each night. Like two old friends shooting the breeze, they reference inside jokes and their favorite episodes of NPR’s This American Life.  But as an audience member, you quickly become initiated into their world of craziness.

On only a word or two, Liberman and Niemi tell a story or two that invariably leads to a punch at the end, good, bad, or ugly. This jaw dropping, hilarious, open minded and dark improved show leaves you with a few good laughs and some interesting tidbits to talk about over drinks after the show.

Catch 55 Minutes of Sex, Drugs and Audience Participation at the Phoenix Theater sponsored by Storytelling Arts of Indiana. Experience Mass Ave during the indyFringe Festival. Indianapolis downtown comes to life as people flock to support Indianapolis performing art and patronize Indianapolis theater. For more information about indyFringe, see their website.

55 Minutes of Sex, Drugs and Audience Participation
Friday, August 21, 6:00 pm
Saturday, August 22, 7:30 pm
Tuesday, August 25, 9:00 pm
Thursday, August 27, 7:30 pm
Saturday, August 29, 9:00 pm
Sunday, August 30, 3:oo pm