Do Not Miss The Hefner Monologues

The Hefner Monologues was hilarious; with nothing else to go on but a name, John Hefner expounds upon life growing up in the shadow of a superstar. I am sure booming laughter could be heard from the basement theater of the Phoenix. John Hefner had the audience rolling on the floor of the Cabaret Theater.

John Hefner is in fact related to Hugh Hefner. This one man show is a series of stories that take you through the journey of his life with clever wit, energy, and a great smile. By living fully in his own geekiness, John Hefner does the impossible: he makes it look cool. At the core, he is a heartbroken sexually frustrated puppy. He uses self depreciating humor with a powerful ethos to explain the challenges of being a virgin with the name Hef.

John Hefner is a born performer. In his original show, The Hefner Monologues, he has a fun awareness of his own theatricality, stopping to talk to the sound and light board operator in the middle of a story and taking the audience through a mortifying experience on his college stage. He has a wonderfully expressive face that alone grabs laughs from the audience.

Underneath all of the hilarity, however, lies something beautiful and fragile. A boy growing up with no sense of identity, no real family, and with incredibly high expectations placed on him because of a simple name that he shares with a superstar. Hefner shows incredible maturity through hilarious immaturity. The show only works because he is able to accomplish both at the same time.

As long as John Hefner is having fun on stage, so is his audience. Its as simple as that. Catch him at the Phoenix Theatre’s cabaret stage downstairs, sponsored by Storytelling Arts of Indiana. Do not miss this great indyFringe show. He has come all the way from Washington DC to share his story with Indianapolis.

Indianapolis theaters around Mass Ave are putting on the most fun Indianapolis festival all year. Come to Indianapolis downtown all week to catch some wonderful Indianapolis performing arts and Indianapolis art. For more information about the indyFringe Theatre Festival, visit their website. Happy Fringing!

The Hefner Monologues
Friday, August 21, 10:30 pm
Sunday, August 23, 4:30 pm
Tuesday, August 25, 7:30 pm
Thursday, August 27, 9:00 pm
Saturday, August 29, 1:30 pm
Sunday, August 30, 9:00 pm