Marion County Public Library Computer Expansion Planned


INDIANAPOLIS: With demand for free computer access on the rise, most locations of the Indianapolis-Marion County Public Library are increasing the number of public computers available for patrons to access the Internet, conduct job searches, improve basic computer skills, and do their personal business.

IMCPL’s PC Expansion Project will be administered in three phases with scheduled completion by October 31. Throughout the IMCPL system, 81 new computers will be installed, bringing the number of public Internet computers available for free access to 619. The total cost of the project is approximately $187,000.

Computer installations are scheduled to be completed by early September at the Warren Branch (6 new computers bringing its total available for public access to 20), the East Washington Branch (5 new for 14 total), the Eagle Branch (10 new for 24 total), the Fountain Square Branch (7 new for 14 total), the Brightwood Branch (5 new for 15 total), and the Flanner House Branch (5 new for 12 total).

Computer installations are scheduled to be completed by October 1 at the Wayne Branch (4 new for 17 total), the Lawrence Branch (4 new for 22 total), the Spades Park Branch (5 new for 13 total), the Southport Branch (6 new for 23 total), the Nora Branch (4 new for 18 total), and the Shelby Branch (2 new for 13 total).

Scheduled for installation by October 31 are public Internet computers at the Decatur Branch (4 new for 15 total), the Pike Branch (4 new for 25 total), the Haughville Branch (3 new for 19 total), the College Avenue Branch (5 new for 21 total), and the Franklin Road Branch (2 new for 17 total).

The East Thirty-Eighth Street Branch will add 6 PCs in 2 phases between 2010 and 2011 as a result of The Gates Foundation On-Line Opportunities Grant.

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Sundays at the Warren Branch Library are special days for the budding Indianapolis artists among the throng of creative Indianapolis children. Kids and their parents can all attend the special activity “Sunday Coloring Sheets” and take home a memory or two for the family refrigerator.

The next “Sunday Coloring Sheets” event is August 23, 2009, from 1 pm to 5 pm. This is a popular item on many “things to do in Indianapolis” lists.

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