Mr. Charles, Currently of Palm Beach: The Gayest Show in Fringe

Mr. Charles, Currently of Palm Beach is the laugh out loud gay spectacular of the 2009 indyFringe Theatre Festival. Playing on his home turf, Theatre on the Square, Ron Spencer is hilarious. A packed lobby flooded into the mainstage at TOTS, filling the seats as they listened to famously gay tunes.

With his protege Shane by his side, Mr. Charles broadcasts his local access cable show in Palm Beach, Florida. He touches on everything from gay marriage, to don’t ask don’t tell, to the questionable sexual identity of Batman and Robin. In his tongue in cheek way, Spencer skillfully plays “the gayest man alive.” He refers to himself as a dying breed, with the ability to turn a man gay just by looking at him.

While Paul Rudnick’s script is filled with gags, Mr. Charles has the uncanny ability to jump onto a genuinely difficult subject, such as growing old, with a touching grace. At the same time, he transitions easily back into Mr. Charles’ caddy gay self, jumping around the stage and “screaming like a queen.” Spencer is ironic, bold and funny all at once as he attempts to wade through the waters of a time when “being gay is truly passe.” This one and half man show is wonderful, and a feat not easily accomplished by many actors.

Mr. Charles, Currently of Palm Beach
is shocking, racy, sexy, and funny. A must see in the 2009 indyFringe Theater Festival! Catch it all this week at Theater on the Square on Mass Ave. Be advised, this play contains, in Mr. Charles’ words, “gratuitous full frontal male nudity.”

Downtown Indianapolis is hopping as Indianapolis theater celebrates itself during the 2009 indyFringe. Indianapolis performing arts finally have a place to shine, and Indianapolis art has a place to show. Do not miss this Indianapolis festival!

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Mr. Charles, Currently of Palm Beach
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