The Tragical Ballad of Black Bonnet @ TOTS

The Tragical Ballad of Black Bonnet is a whimsical addition to the 2009 indyFringe Theatre Festival in Indianapolis. The cast of this production take the stage at Theater on the Square‘s Mainstage, where they regale audiences with their fairytale fantasy told through song and puppetry.

They have come to the Circle City straight from New Orleans, and the Creole influence on their music is obvious and delightful. In a kind of rock opera for marionettes, they tell the story of Begga, a.k.a Black Bonnet, a hermaphrodite born into a narrow minded and far away world. Shunned at birth, Begga is sent to a convent where nuns raise her as a girl and teach her to hide herself from the world. Her story unfolds into a tragic romance between her and the daughter of a rich lord.


Nina Nichols and Pandora Gastelum skillfully manipulate the various characters in the story. As they move between portraying the two main characters themselves and the puppet world they have created, they tell this story of forbidden friendship and love. Their voices rise and fall together in melancholy harmony that fills your skin with goosebumps. With lovely and simplistic techniques, they examine the truly difficult situation where black and white melds into grey, in a world that sees only good and evil.

The Tragical Ballad of Black Bonnet is a chilling and tragically fun story of two star-crossed lovers. Catch it until August 30, 2009 in Indianapolis downtown at Theater on the Square. Mass Ave is a flurry of activity while this not to be missed Indianapolis festival is underway. This annual Indianapolis event is quickly becoming an Indy favorite.

The Tragical Ballad of Black Bonnet
Friday, August 21, 10:30 pm
Saturday, August 22, 1:30 pm
Tuesday, August 25, 9:00 pm
Thursday, August 27, 7:30 pm
Saturday, August 29, 7:30 pm
Sunday, August 30, 4:30 pm

Theatre on the Square
627 Massachusetts Ave
Indianapolis, IN 46204

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