Andrea Merlyn’s Greatest Hits (and Missus!): The Only Magic Show in Fringe

Andrea Merlyn’s Greatest Hits (and Missus!) is playing on Theatre on the Square’s second stage as part of the 2009 indyFringe Theatre Festival. IndyFringe has hosted this show since its flagship Indianapolis festival five years ago, making Andrea Merlyn a part of the Fringe’s  foundation. Taylor Martin is a big name in Fringe, and the tone of his show makes it clear why.

Andrea Merlyn’s Greatest Hits (and Missus!) does not take itself too seriously. Martin summed it up best in the performance Sunday afternoon when he said, “Come on, everyone together, it makes it more fun.” And boy, was he right.

All it takes to enjoy his show is allowing yourself to be swept up in the magic and laughter as if you were enjoying the magician at your seventh birthday party all over again. Only this magic act comes with a full face of makeup and high heels.

Assisted by Michael McCrackin and David Alusik, Martin had the audience eating out of the palm of his hand, as he joked his way through the illusions. With some of the most impressive slight of hand done by his “stage hand” David Alusik, this show is something you do not see everyday. And it is the only magic show in this year’s Fringe, to boot. Martin’s long time experience on stage makes him extremely comfortable, a quality that rubs off on audiences of his shows. He performs a variety of characters to keep people on their toes.

Check out Andrea Merlyn’s Greatest Hits (and Missus!) at Theatre on the Square on Mass Ave. This Indy cultural district is popping as Indianapolis performing arts light up Indianapolis theaters. The 2009 indyFringe wins the award for most variety in an Indianapolis festival, in my book. Do not miss your chance to take part of something special happening in Indianapolis downtown.

Fringe 2009

Theatre on the Square
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Andrea Merlyn’s Greatest Hits (and Missus!)
August, 2009

IndyFringe Theatre Festival
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