The Stetson Manifesto: One Cowboy’s Revolt

The Stetson Manifesto tells the story of a cowboy in a world that is passing him by; it plays at the Theatre on the Square as part of the 2009 indyFringe. The Stetson Manifesto seeks to explore what happens when traditions lose the respect they deserve and modernization takes over, making dedicated workers obsolete.

Bill Becker is Catfish, a gruff, crass, cowboy learned in the traditional ways of ranching. As he returns to the bunk house of the ranch he works, his protege Rory is hard at work on his laptop. The story unfolds to reveal that the ranch they have grown up on and loved is moving into the future at a dangerous speed. With the implementation of new policies that reduce the aura of the cowboy, the ranch seems uninterested in staying connected to its roots.


The Stetson Manifesto is the story of one man’s refusal to change. As Catfish fights the powers that be, played by a stern Carrie Fedor, it seems as if he is sinking quickly in a pool of quick sand. The more he struggles, the faster he disappears. This darkly comic modern western questions the validity of new versus old in a complex and conflicted script. It is absolutely wonderful to see a show at Fringe take on such difficult concepts.

Catch The Stetson Manifesto on Theatre on the Square’s second stage all week. Mass Ave is a busy hub for Indianapolis performing arts groups and Indianapolis art makers, who are moving in the ebb and flow of collaboration and creativity. Check out what is happening at any number of great Indianapolis theaters in Indianapolis downtown. This Indianapolis festival is not to be missed!

Fringe 2009

Theatre on the Square
627 Massachusetts Ave
Indianapolis, IN 46204