Tortillo!: The Best Snack Foods Comedy in Fringe

Tortillo!, a new play by Casey Ross, is a hilarious romp through the snack food industry, playing at Theatre on the Square as part of the 2009 indyFringe Festival. This fast paced comedy is filled with intrigue, murder, and snack food statistics.

The script plays a bit like Office Space at first glance. But as the story unfolds, hilarity ensues on a level all its own. Dave Dickens, played by Dane Rogers, is a titan in the corn chip world. But once the newest product from Tortillo! chips is released, it becomes obvious to him that something is amiss. With the aid of his love interest from the graphics department, Juniper, played by Erin Cohenour, and his bosom buddy from the pretzel factory across the street, Steve Henson, played by Andrew Wahnsiedler, they begin to uncover a scandal bigger than they ever imagined.


With hilarious performances from both Randy Cox as the intern Patrick and Tristan Ross as the overly excited employee of the month, Ted, this show grows to epic proportions. Ross has a wonderful handle on physical comedy, creating many a slapstick moment as he wiggles into the lives of his coworkers. With a special appearance by Dave Eckard at the end as a mysterious janitor, this caper wraps up in a predictable but fun way. Surely Casey Ross has a bright future as a young playwright and director.

Inspired by the real life Dave Dickens, who appeared once briefly in an episode of Unwrapped, Tortillo! offers an up a zany world peopled with unique characters that are a blast to watch. Catch Tortillo! all this week at the Theatre on the Square on Mass Ave.

This is just one of many great Indianapolis performing arts groups in indyFringe in 2009. Come to Indianapolis downtown to support Indianapolis theater and Indianapolis art as the indyFringe continues until the end of August. The Circle City should consider it lucky to host an Indianapolis festival that offers up so much variety.

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