America’s Next Top Bottom: Gay Friendly Fringe Offering

America’s Next Top Bottom is an irreverent comedy produced by and playing at Theater on the Square as part of the 2009 indyFringe Theatre Festival. I would call this the gayest show in Fringe, but that title has already been taken by Indianapolis‘ Ron Spencer’s other Fringe show, Mr. Charles, Currently of Palm Beach. Although America’s Next Top Bottom does finish at a very close second.

America’s Next Top Bottom is a send up of the reality television show, America’s Next Top Model. Only in this version, gay men compete to see who is America’s Next Top Bottom. The sexual euphemisms don’t end with the title of this show. Crass, crude and hilarious, this show is almost literally a laugh a minute.

Video from the America’s Next Top Bottom
production in Indianapolis

The two hosts, Tyra Skanks (Jay Hemphill) and Janice Dicklessone (Carrie Fedor), kick of this show with a hair flipping match for the ages. They one up each other with amusing one-liners, setting a fast and funny pace for the show. With the introduction of the six male contestants, Doug Messinger, William Andrews, Howard “Howie” Hill, David Smith, Dannon Crews, and Bradley Allen Lowe, the audience soon learns that in the world of America’s Next Top Bottom nothing is sacred.

The contestants compete through six rounds of challenges from the presentation of historical gay men (factual or not) to a Craigslist versus manhunt personal ad off to a dance off choreographed by special guest judge Little Richard Simmons (“Toby” Troy Long). If you are looking for some bad, dirty, unwholesome fun, this is the show for you.

Catch America’s Next Top Bottom until August 30, 2009 at Theatre on the Square on Mass Ave. This 2009 indyFringe show is hot, and so are the boys who star in it. See this and other Indianapolis performing arts groups all week, as 2009 indyFringe celebrates Indianapolis theater. The hottest Indianapolis festival of the summer and fall is now underway in Indianapolis downtown. Do not miss your chance to sample some of the best in Indianapolis art and Indianapolis music.

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America’s Next Top Bottom
August 2009

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