Cedar Rock Haunted Trail

For a spooky good time this Halloween, head to Cedar Rock Haunted Trail, located in the dense forests of  Jackson County. This bone-chilling attraction isn’t for the faint of heart and hails itself as the “longest, scariest haunted trail in the Midwest.” Since its inception several years ago, Cedar Rock Haunted Trail has lived up to its reputation as one of the most impressive haunted places in Indiana–and then some.

This delightfully dark and eerie adventure begins on a twisty, crumbling path through a thick forest. You’ll have to count on the thin beams of moonlight to keep you on the path–there is no guide for your one-mile trek. Each bold participant receives a small flashlight as well.

Your journey will get off to a scary start with the first creepy character you’ll encounter–Leather Face, screaming and rattling the doors of his slaughterhouse. Make sure to stay far away from the deranged man’s outstretched hands, or you might find yourself locked in the slaughterhouse along with him. If you manage to escape the clutches of Leather Face, you’ll then enter a graveyard thick with fog and paved with tombstones. Almost immediately following is the House of Fear, a maze so twisty and dark you may never work your way out.

All of these fearful frights and more await your visit to the Cedar Rock Haunted Trail. Much of the trail takes place outside, so make sure to bundle up. And remember, the attraction isn’t for the weak spirited–just for the Hoosier state’s real adventure seekers. For more information, head to the Cedar Rock Haunted Trail website. And for more heart-stopping Halloween experiences, check out this list of haunted houses in Indiana and Indianapolis.

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