Nevermore: Fringe Offering

Nevermore is a challenging literary piece on the Theatre on the Square’s second stage as part of the 2009 indyFringe Theatre Festival. This original script is Amy Pettinella’s first foray into Fringe. For a first attempt, Nevermore contained a fair amount of good raw material surrounding a solid idea.

Nevermore starring Russell McGee as the Raven and Pettinella as Woman is a conversation of sorts between one great literary mind and one growing literary mind. A down and out writer, the Woman, attempts to take her life after a string of bad luck and worst of all, writer’s block. In a dream like state, she encounters the spirit of Edgar Allen Poe, known only as the Raven. As their conversation progresses, they discuss the nature of death, art and Poe’s life.

The dialogue in this play was at times difficult to follow. With so much of Poe’s original language on stage coupled with the authors own heightened words, the text seemed to fly above the actors instead of inside of them. This being said, the effort was clearly a labour of love, and can be appreciate as such. With so much emotion behind her obsession with Poe, Pettinella cranks out a solid first attempt. I am excited to see where Twilight Productions takes her in the future.

Mass Ave is the place to be this weekend in Indianapolis downtown as the indyFringe Festival progresses. Indianapolis theaters are alight with Indianapolis performing arts and Indianapolis music. This Indianapolis festival is taking off, and will definitely be the talk of the theater world for weeks to come. Don’t miss your chance to be part of something big in Indianapolis.

Theatre on the Square
627 Massachusetts Ave
Indianapolis, IN 46204

August, 2009

IndyFringe Theatre Festival
The IndyFringe Building
719 E St. Clair St
Indianapolis, IN46202