Lovers Lane

Road 334, near Zionsville, Indiana, harbors a dark, bloody past. This road leads to the tranquil spot just a few miles from Indianapolis that used to be known as “Lovers Lane.” Back in the carefree 1950s, this area was anything but peaceful. Its deeply disturbing past has earned it the distinction of one of the most haunted places in Indiana.

Lovers Lane was a popular spot for the local high school students to escape for some low-key romance. One fateful night in 1951, one young couple was doing just that. They reached their destination, and that’s when it’s now assumed things took a turn from safe and innocent to dark and deadly.

The boy had just gotten his first car, to the envy of all of his friends. He couldn’t wait to take his girlfriend for a spin and end the evening with a romantic seduction at Lovers Lane. Whether he got the chance, no one will ever know. The bodies of the two teens were found brutally murdered under a tree, the apparent victims of a crazed ax murderer. Those who found the bodies deduced that the boy was killed first, bravely defending his lover.

The most chilling aspect to the story at the time was that the killer had apparently vanished into thin air. He–or she–was never found. For years, students avoided the Lovers Lane area completely out of fear and respect for their murdered classmates. Gradually, however, the story faded from the minds of the teens and time healed old wounds. So they began returning to Lovers Lane.

Some came back from their romantic trysts to report hearing disturbing screams and wails that appeared to be coming from near the old tree where two innocent bodies were found. Others claimed to have heard nothing, but said they had felt a heavy sense of dread and fear as soon as they parked their cars near the infamous tree.

This Halloween, if you’re looking for a thrill, head to Road 334 and take the twisty turns that lead you to Lovers Lane. You may or may not hear the tortured screams of two young lovers whose lives were lost in that very spot so many years before.

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