Welcome to Blanksville: Riotous Improv

Welcome to Blanksville is a laugh riot improv show now playing at the Phoenix Theatre as part of the indyFringe Theatre Festival. Blanksville is produced by the well known IndyProv improv troupe of Indianapolis. In their choose your own adventure show, they prepare to take the audience down an practically endless number of journeys.

Welcome to Blanksville is different, however, from your normal improv show, in that it is mostly scripted. Unfortunately, this makes for rather stale performances from actors and comedians, who I am sure would otherwise be very entertaining.

most attractive feature is just how much the audience is asked to participate. Every five minutes, the members of the audience vote by round of applause to decide where the adventure will go next.

Welcome to Blanskville
is a noble effort in improv. With a few funny one liners and a different show every night, it is worth checking out if you love  games  of the Who’s Line is it Anyway variety. Check out these bonafide funny people in brightly colored shirts doing anything and everything for a laugh all week. Welcome to Blanksville is at the Phoenix Theatre’s Cabaret space this weekend only.

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Phoenix Theater

749 N Park Ave
Indianapolis, IN 46202

Welcome to Blanksville
August 2009

IndyFringe Theatre Festival

The IndyFringe Building
719 E St. Clair St
Indianapolis, IN46202