Gwen Stacy Signs With Solid State Records

In a move that is sure to propel their burgeoning career out of the Indianapolis bubble, Gwen Stacy recently signed to Christian label Solid State Records. The Indianapolis band, which specializes in metalcore with a message, has been enjoying the success of their debut full length, The Life I Know, since 2008. The album’s frenetic melodies and passionate lyrics garnered Gwen Stacy a legion of avid fans and helped propel them to tour dates in Europe and around the United States.

Video of Gwen Stacy performing live at The Music Mill in Indianapolis

Solid State Records is a well-known division of Tooth and Nail Records. They are characterized by the hardcore, metalcore, and emo-core bands that they regularly sign. Some of the more successful acts to come out of the label are Stretch Arm Strong, Indianapolis’ Haste the Day, Underoath, and Norma Jean.

The Indianapolis music group also announced the track listing and release date for their new full length, A Dialogue. The record will ship on October 20 and will feature eleven songs. Soon thereafter, Gwen Stacy will embark on a headlining tour in support of the album; details are to be released as the record’s date approaches.

A Dialogue Tracks:

1. The First Words
2. Profit Motive
3. A Dialogue
4. Creation and How I See It
5. Words of the New Prophet
6. Devil Devil
7. Addictionary
8. Braveheart
9. A Middle Ground
10. The Making Of
11. The Sound of Letting Go

For more information, visit Gwen Stacy’s homepage and the homepage of Solid State Records.