Second Annual MotoGP Kick-starts Off this Weekend in Downtown Indianapolis and Speedway

And they’re off! In a motorcycle cavalcade parade down Meridian Street in downtown, Indianapolis. To open the long-anticipated Indianapolis event, “Downtown, Inc.,” the community group that watches over downtown Indy, organized a welcoming celebration, making sure there was a clear pathway through the heart of the Circle City for the Indianapolis Moto GP motorcyclist participants and other luminaries.

Indianapolis Moto GP video of from 2008

Tonight and tomorrow night, on North Street in the Indianapolis downtown sector, popular sport bikes competitions convene in the Indiana State Fairgrounds, just recently vacated by the Indiana State Fair.

There are special challenges involved in maintaining a well-circulating heart of the city during these days, says Tamara Zahn, president of Indianapolis Downtown Inc. When masses of gleaming Yamahas and Harleys get together anywhere, the energy around them inevitably heats up.

Nearby Indianapolis restaurants are pitching in to provide places for the riders to stow their gear, and food for the fans at the drop of a helmet, so to speak. Special areas for bike parking in downtown Indianapolis are also set aside for the riders’ convenience.

Obviously the city of Indianapolis is happy to see them.

The main events start at 3:00 pm on Sunday, August 30, when the flags drop to initiate the Indianapolis MotoGP races in Speedway, Indiana, at the famous Indianapolis Motor Speedway. But you might want to catch some of the other events connected to the races, such as the concert on Saturday night with “Crash,” the stunt riding shows on Sunday morning or the Meridian Street parties tonight and tomorrow night, where there will be much sloshing of Red Bull beer, music in Indianapolis and dancing in the streets.

Complete Indianapolis MotoGP Schedule and venues