Thurgoode: Fringe First Timer

Thurgoode, playing at Theatre on the Square as part of the 2009 indyFinge Festival, follows the story of a young girl afflicted by multiple personality disorder. This 2009 indyFringe show has lofty goals for itself as it attempts to tackle one of the most difficult subjects in psychology. The daily trials and tribulations of young Charlie Parker are on display, as is her seven personality entourage.

Thurgoode has a unique idea at its heart. Charlie Parker (Taylor Sordelet) is a danger to herself and others as her personalities take over. She can lose control to Jack (Zane Sade) the dangerous one, Kate (Audrey Stauffer) the caregiver, Amy (Kerry Stauffer) the odd one, Ellie (Katey Jones) the little girl, Kennedy (Christine Coonce) the shallow one, Daria (Jessica Conger) the emo one, or Agnes (Kayla Crance) the brain. Her mother, played by Amanda Meyer, is at a total loss about how to handle her troubled teen. Her sister, played by Carrie Parker, is terrified after attempts on her life by Jack. Her love interest, Alex, (John Ronk) is a compulsive liar and the only one who can make her smile.

The title character of Charlie’s doctor, Thurgoode, played by Butler University student Jeff Irlbeck, is perhaps the most well written and acted character. Irlbeck captures the mortifying air of an adult who just doesn’t get it. As only a senior in Butler’s Theatre department, Irlbeck shows incredible maturity in his acting style. His performance soars above the rest. If you want to wrap your brain around some new concepts as you take in a Fringe show, Thurgoode might be a good choice.  Though the script gets a little predictable and the pacing at times is slow, Thurgoode is a solid effort by first time playwright and director Heather Storms.

Do not miss the last weekend of the 2009 indyFringe Theatre Festival. This Indianapolis festival is the annual place for Indianapolis performing arts groups, Indianapolis visual art and Indianapolis music to strut their stuff on Indianapolis theater stages. Indianapolis downtown is hot as the indyFringe takes over the Circle City.

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