broken fragile mind: Another Motus Dance Theatre Hit

If you have ever had the privilege of watching Motus Dance Theatre in action than you already know that they never do anything half-assed. Their pieces are always powerful, thought provoking and intense. The Motus offering for this year’s indyFringe Festival, broken fragile mind, is all of these and more. If you want to see true art in motion, make sure you get to the Earth House in downtown Indianapolis before the end of the 2009 indyfringe festival.

As the audience walks into the theatre at the Earth House, a living portrait of hollow eyes and bad intentions greets them. The “picture” that greets show-goers, while inanimate at the start, is quite moving and almost gives the feeling that the audience members are the ones on display. The story focuses on a young woman, performed by Stefanie Squint, who is plauged by the evil thoughts and actions of her grandmother, grandfather, and uncle, played by Debra Silvens/Christina Maley, Sara Yanney-Chantanasombut and Michelle Buchanan respectively, who come to life from the picture on stage while she sleeps. Her only salvation is her institutionalized mother, performed by Lauren Beirne, who tries to comfort her daughter but is quickly removed by the family.

From there the audience is witness to the controlled chaos of flying canes, never-ending knitting and a dance solo performed in a straight jacket, all of which is amazing. The show broken fragile mind is just the latest piece Motus has used to share their gift of dance with the Indianapolis community. These women do not just dance because music is playing, they are telling a story through both acting and movement, and this is movement at its best.

It is shows like broken fragile mind that make indyFringe so wonderful and worthwhile. Even though Motus delivers a performance of sound technique and great difficulty you don’t have to know dance to appreciate the power of this piece. There are only two more chances to catch broken fragile mind during this year’s indyFringe so make sure you and your friends get down to the Mass Ave theatre district this weekend. It will be the best hour of your day and will leave you wanting more. To find out how you can support Motus Dance Theatre and a list of both classes and upcoming shows visit their website today.

2009 indyFringe Festival remains shows:
Saturday August 29, 7:30 pm
Sunday August 30, 6:00pm