Simple Joys: Unique Fringe Offering

Simple Joys, by Jennifer K. Sutton, now playing at Theatre on the Square as part of the indyFringe Theater Festival, was the most unique Fringe shows I saw. Sutton is interested in exploring simplicity, and asks her audience to slow down with her for a moment as she reminds of how enjoyable little things can be.

Dance and lecture, Sutton takes her audience on a sensory journey. The show begins with a brief introduction through movement. Her and her partner assume the identity of children at times playing hopscotch and red light green light, at times experiencing shivers over a first kiss. The pair move together with an ease that makes them float.

In silence they move and create their own sound scape of laughter and noises. At times they are sillohetted, creating a dream like effect with beautiful moments of intimacy. Then Sutton’s dance partner hands out a goody bag to every person in the audience. Sutton takes the audience on a journey in which they use all five senses as they explore some of the simplist joys.

From bubbles to rocks and chocolate to army men, Sutton reminds everyone what it was to be a child and find these little objects so fascinating. Simple Joys was a fun and different experience. Sutton’s original idea comes off without a hitch, and is a great piece for anyone looking to brighten their day.


Simple Joys plays on Theatre on the Square’s second stage all weekend. Only two more days before this year’s indyFringe Theatre Festival is a mere memory. Come see what Indianapolis theatre has to offer as Indianapolis performing arts, Indianapolis art, and Indianapolis music are showcased. The Circle City is alive with creativity. Mass Ave is a buzz with performers and patrons alike. Come to Indianapolis downtown for this once a year experience.

For more information about the indyFringe, check out their website.
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Simple Joys
August, 2009


IndyFringe Theatre Festival
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