The Rise of General Arthur: A Must See Gem

The Rise of General Arthur, now playing at the Phoenix Theatre as part of the indyFringe Theater Festival, is an updated version of the King Arthur legend. But here is the twist, Phillip Low, the writer and performer, has chosen to tell only a fraction of the tale, through the eyes of a simple soldier Pellinore.

Low takes the Arthurian legends and places his characters in a the oil wars of the 1990s happening in Baghdad. With a control over the rhythm and pacing of his words that rivals Saul Williams, Low paints a beautiful and sometimes not so beautiful picture of the reality of an American soldier fighting for something he doesn’t claim to understand.

The Rise of General Arthur is populated by many of the well known King Arthur characters and some of the not so well. But with a simple shift in his voice and flick of his wrists, Low easily wears each face. Perhaps the most well done is his Cheshire cat rendition of Merlin. The Rise of General Arthur is an original take on an old favorite. It is intelligent and challenging but also manages to entertain, a miracle as magic as Merlin.

The Rise of General Arthur is whimsical and action packed. Low, who is in Indianapolis from Minneapolis, challenges the traditional definition of hero in the garb of a lowly soldier. See The Rise of General Arthur this weekend in the Phoenix’s Cabaret space.

The indyFringe Festival is in its last weekend. Do not miss your opportunity to see some of the most eclectic theatre in Indianapolis all year. This Indianapolis festival is an annual favorite that is fast approaching its end. Support Indianapolis performing arts, Indianapolis visual art, and Indianapolis music by coming to Mass Ave and Indianapolis downtown today and tomorrow.

Phoenix Theater
749 N Park Ave
Indianapolis, IN 46202

The Rise of General Arthur
August, 2009

IndyFringe Theatre Festival
The IndyFringe Building
719 E St. Clair St
Indianapolis, IN46202