Indiana Is Home: Assistance for Homeownership

Indiana is Home is a website organized by the Indiana Association of REALTORS® with the intent of helping future and current homeowners in the state of Indiana. Hosted by popular television anchor Pat Carlini, Indiana is Home provides useful information on various topics related to Indianapolis real estate homeownership.

First-time homebuyers will find this site particularly interesting as it provides specific information about the current $8000 First-Time Homebuyer Tax Credit available to those who haven’t owned a home before. This current opportunity is available to those who buy a home before December 1st, 2009. Novice buyers can also find help on their site regarding obtaining lower interest rates through The Indiana Housing and Community Development Authority.

For all buyers, Indiana Is Home guides you through the process by supplying tips on specific types of loans, grants and whether it’s best for you to rent or buy. If you already own a home in Indiana, their website will guide you on issues such as trying to sell your home yourself, tips to getting buyers interested in your home and where to go if you’re in risk for foreclosure.

Indiana Is Home also features various webisodes including a humorous video about the $8000 first-time buyer tax credit, the state of Indiana real estate by Govenor Mitch Daniels and a tour of the Indianapolis Govenor’s Mansion by Indiana’s First Lady, Cheri Daniels.

Of particular note, Indiana Is Home has a section on statistical real estate reports featuring a comparison of homes sold across 98% of Indiana from July, 2008 to July, 2009.