Spirit and Place Festival Receives $30K

The Indianapolis Foundation is giving this year’s Spirit & Place Festival a grant of $30,000 to underwrite improvements and for the normal machinations that make the popular annual Indianapolis event work so well. The festival holds the lofty goal of inspiring all of Indianapolis society to come together in celebration of its diversity and humanity.

They accomplish this in a ten-day festival which brings Indianapolis musicians and Indianapolis artists together, producing and sparking dialogs on civic responsibility, change, Indianapolis business, spirituality, humanities, the arts in Indianapolis and all manner of topics of vital interest to Hoosiers living in Indy. They call it “a festival of fun, a market place for ideas, and an explosion of creativity.”


The festival’s theme this year is “Inspiring Places.” The 2009 Spirit & Place Festival takes place from November 6-15 in a variety of venues all over the metropolis, but especially concentrated in downtown Indianapolis, such as at the Athenaeum and the Indianapolis Museum of Art.


Two-thirds of the funds donated by The Indianapolis Foundation will go toward the nitty-gritty operations of the festival itself, with the remaining $10,000 dedicated to funding a competition for new ideas for Indy. IUPUI‘s Polis Center is the creator and manager of the festival.

Other Indianapolis fairs and festivals, such as the Indy Irish Festival coming up in late September, tend to focus on one aspect of the diverse city. The Spirit & Place Festival is a unique community effort that attempts to mobilize, educate and inspire all Hoosiers living in greater Indianapolis to find their city’s strength in union. Other cities in Indiana would do well to take a page from this book.

Spirit & Place Festival 2009
“Inspiring Places”

November 6-15

Read an up-to-date article in Fun City Finder’s Indianapolis news section about the changes in this year’s Spirit and Place Festival, along with many details about what will be presented in November of 2009.