Trails of Terror

If you’re up for a spooky adventure this Halloween, head to the Trails of Terror in Markleville, Indiana. This terrifying outdoor attraction has earned itself a reputation as one of the scariest haunted places in Indiana.


For the month of October, as the air turns chillier and dusk settles in over Markleville each evening, the Trails of Terror is dedicated to giving you the fright of your life. Twisty turns down paths shrouded in darkness, swirling fog, and howling creatures await your visit to this Halloween spectacle. In this six acres of terror lie plenty of creepy surprises, including screaming victims and the infamous “faces of fear.”


Other electrifying displays of danger you’ll come across during your visit to the Trails of Terror include the deadly Swamp, which has been known to pull unsuspecting visitors into its depths and never return them to their loved ones; and the the Coven, which is full of cackling witches who are just waiting to cast an evil spell on anyone who stumbles into their path.

If you love to be scared silly at Halloween, you won’t be disappointed with the rest of the spine-tingling attractions along the Trail of Terror. As you walk past the cavernous Mouth of Madness, beware–it could suck you into its clutches and never spit you back out. The Widowmaker, Camp Blood, Kindred County Kinnels, and Chopshop are only a few more deathly destinations along this destructive path. And no one can forget the final destinations of this wild ride–Hellbilly Haven and Saw II.
This Halloween, come to Markleville to see just what eerie entertainment you’ve been missing out on. It’s 30 minutes of chills and thrills for only the bravest souls in Indianapolis. Admission is only $15 per person, and group rates are available. Remember, this attraction isn’t for the faint of heart, or children who scare easily. For more information, visit the official Trails of Terror website.

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