How to Avoid Hackers: ISECOM Comes to Indy

The Institute for Security and Open Methodologies or ISECOM is planning on setting up shop in Indianapolis thanks to Indy native Chris Griffin. ISECOM will make the Circle City a United States Center for Hacking Research. Hopefully this will be a much needed shot in the arm to Indianapolis businesses and our Indianapolis economy.

Chris Griffin first became involved with ISECOM as a volunteer in 2004. Eventually he worked his way up to become a core team member. After assisting in the writing of Hacking Exposed Linux the third edition, he decided it was time to take the next step. He flew to Barcelona, Spain to complete an intensive program called, “train the trainer.” After becoming certified as one of five accredited ISECOM trainers, he is making his return to the land of Hoosiers, where he hopes to spread the word about hacking.

ISECOM is an organization that is dedicated to, “providing practical security awareness, research, certification and business integrity.” Griffin will teach classes about how to protect your intellectual properties from hackers. He will also extend his ideas and collaborative methods to other security organization, government programs, and universities in Indiana. He will teach his first class OSSTMM Professional Security Analysis on September 21st at the new Public Agency Training Council building of Indianapolis.

Griffin also plans on extending his educational program, Hacker High School, to area Indianapolis high schools. Indianapolis education as well as Indianapolis kids can benefit from this program that teaches resourcefulness and critical security thinking through hacking.

Chris Griffin is bringing a world renowned program to the state of Indiana. ISECOM has been utilized by organization such as the Department of Justice, FBI, NSA and the military for their daily operations. Big corporations like Walmart, Disney, IBM and Intel have also implemented ISECOM practices into securing their information. By bring this program to Indianapolis, Griffin is making the world a better place for the people of Indianapolis.