Butler Univserity’s Leadership Through the Arts Forum: Alessandra Comini

Each year Butler University hosts a Leadership Through the Arts Forum, meant to inspire Indianapolis society by presenting interesting, successful arts leaders. This year’s Forum starts on Thursday, September 10 with Alessandra Comini, who was awarded the Grand Decoration of Honor by the Republic of Austria for contributions to Germanic culture. You can hear her speak about her experience for free this Thursday at 7:30 pm in the Eidson Duckwall Recital Hall on Butler’s campus near Indianapolis downtown.

Comini’s lecture titled “The Two Gustavs: Mahler, Klimt, and Vienna’s Golden Decade” is being co-produced by the Indianapolis Museum of Art. She will focus on the hurdles and prickly reception imperial Vienna afforded the works of Mahler, its leading composer, and Klimt, its foremost painter. It also will explore the interlocking history of both men with the aspiring composer Alma Schindler Mahler.

“Not only is Professor Comini a pioneering scholar, she is also a brilliant and entertaining speaker,” said Peter Alexander, dean of Butler’s Jordan College of Fine Arts. “She brings her subject matter alive in ways that few can match. Her lecture will be a memorable event.”

Comini is a Professor of Art History at  Southern Methodist University and was voted “outstanding professor” 19 times by her students at Columbia and Southern Methodist universities. Comini has published eight books in the fields of art history and musical iconography, concentrating on 19th and 20th century Vienna.

Do not miss this wonderful start to an amazing lecture series at Butler University. As one of the largest colleges in Indiana, Butler continues to maintain a reputation for excellence when it comes to Indianapolis education by providing a variety of programs that contribute to Indianapolis art, Indianapolis music, and Indianapolis theatre.

For more information about the Leadership Through the Arts Forum, visit their website.

Leadership Through the Arts Forum
Eidson Duckwall Recital Hall
Butler University
1600 Sunset Ave
Indianapolis, IN 46208