Earth House Indiana Filmmakers Series Kicks Off: “First They Came For…” by Kate Chaplin

The Earth House Collective in Indianapolis downtown will kick off their Indiana Filmmaker Series with the film First They Came For… by Kate Chaplin. Chaplin is a Hoosier filmmaker showcasing at the Earth House for the first time. The Indiana Filmmaker Series at the Earth House Collective begins at 7:00 pm and is free to all.

Kate Chaplin has been making films that make statements since she became a filmmaker. Her film First They Came For… is a five minute dramatic interpretation of a poem written by Reverand Martin Niemoller. The poem, which shares the title of the film, is an anti-oppression poem. In it a narrator regrets not standing up against the oppression he witnesses of other groups. His regret stems from the eventual “targeting” of a group he belongs to. The narrator comes to realize that no one is safe from being oppressed.

In the film, Chaplin employs a wordless narrative set to the text of Niemoller’s poem. Chaplin explains her inspiration, “With the last name Chaplin and a background in music video, silent (like) films are what I naturally gravitate toward. I wanted the character to be a silent observer…”

Chaplin goes on to discuss the message of her film, “The themes in the poem are standing up for injustice. To me the theme of standing up relates to everything, from children standing up to bullies in a playground to the man who stood in front of a tank atTiananmen Square… First They Came for… is an anti-message of what happens if you don’t help others. Not only do others fall but you fall as well.”

Video of First They Came For…

You can see Chaplin’s film at the Earth House Collective for free this Thursday, September 10.The Earth House is not only a great venue for Indianapolis performing arts groups via the indyFringe Theatre Festival. It is also a great place for Indianapolis people to gather and exchange ideas and feelings. Also it has one of the most vegetarian and vegan friendly kitchens of any Indianapolis restaurant around.

If you are looking for something fun to do in Indianapolis look no further than a free evening of film at the Earth House. With affordable snacks for purchase, the Earth House Collective is a great meeting place for Indianapolis college students and those on a budget.

For more information on other Indianapolis events happening at the Earth House Collective, visit their website.

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