REALTORS Serve the Indianapolis Real Estate Market

The terms REALTOR® and Real Estate Agent are used interchangeably by the general population but they are really two different things. When someone carries the title of REALTOR®, he is making the statement that he is a member of the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS® which is the biggest professional association in the world.

A REALTOR® must also uphold a stringent Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics developed by the National Association. Protecting United States‘ homeowners, this Association encourages professional advancement and the research and relaying of information to the members and general population with the intention of protecting the freedom to own property.

A REALTOR® typically has access to an MLS (Multiple Listing Service) or BLC (Broker Listing Cooperative). These services entail groups of local agents come together to compile listings. If you have visited a home with a REALTOR® in the Indianapolis real estate market, he has probably printed off information from one of these services listing all the details of the Indianapolis home.

A REALTOR® has accountability for their actions as determined by a panel of their peers. Complaints can be filed against a REALTOR® by one another or by consumers and fines can be charged to agents determined guilty by this panel. However, the suspension of licenses is determined by the state which issued the license, such as Indiana.

A REALTOR® must stay up on their education. In order to renew their licenses, REALTORS® must complete a certain number of continuing education credit hours each term. A wide array of topics are typically available for this renewal ranging from dealing with mold in a home to working with foreclosures.

To call himself a REALTOR®, certain standards must be maintained. When looking to buy or sell a home, ask if the agent you are working with has this designation.

The Indianapolis real estate market has a group of internet-savvy REALTORS® located at msWoods Real Estate, LLC. With associates located all across central Indiana, an msWoods REALTOR® is specifically trained to meet your real estate needs.