Open Mic “Evening with the Muse” @ Writer’s Center of Indiana

The Writer’s Center of Indiana is ready to get your creative juices flowing as they host the “Evening with the Muse,” share your writing and free your muse! This event is free to the people of Indianapolis. Hosted by emcee Rohana McCormack, this evening is sure to be packed full of poetic turns of phrase and literary lovers.

An “Evening with the Muse” is the perfect opportunity to dust off that journal and share your favorite verses with fellow Hoosiers. Whether you are looking to get some feedback as you continue to write or the chance to bare your soul through your own words, the Writer’s Center of Indiana wants to hear what you have to say.

Continue your education in Indianapolis by aquainting yourself with Indianapolis arts and the Indianapolis community. If you come to this free Indianapolis event,  you just might find a new, different, even better part of yourself. For something fun to do Indianapolis to expand your senses, consider the Writer’s Center of Indiana’s “Evening with the Muse.”

The evening gets underway at 7:00 pm on September 13. The second Sunday of every month at the Writer’s Center of Indiana will be dedicated to this open mic format. Bring your Indianapolis kids for a little something different. Expand their minds and your own!

For more information visit the Writer’s Center of Indiana’s official website.

Writer’s Center of Indiana
812 E 67th St
Indianapolis, IN 46220