The Mercy Seat @ Theater Within Opens Sept. 11

The Theater Within is set to start its 2009-2010 season with Neil LaBute’s The Mercy Seat, an complex drama about aftermath of the events of September 11. The show opens this Friday, September 11 at The Church Within’s theater space in the Fountain Square cultural district. It runs from September 11th through the 26th, for three weekends only. Tickets are $12.00 for adults and $10.00 for students and seniors.


The Mercy Seat by Neil Labute follows the story of an affair tangled up by the attack on the World Trade Centers on September, 11 2001.  This two person play set on the day following the attack examines the lives of two corporate employees at the World Trade Center, Ben and Abby, embroiled in an affair. Destiny placed the pair away from the office on the fateful day, as they enjoyed the danger and passion of their love. Assumed dead by his family, Ben contemplates the chance to start anew with the woman he loves, leaving his family and his world behind.

Artistic director of The Theater Within, Rod Issac of Indianapolis, has this to say about the play:

“Three years into a clandestine affair, Ben and Abby ask themselves hard questions. Eight years after the terrorist attacks on Manhattan and the nation’s capital, America reflects upon what it has learned from a day after which nothing was supposedly ever going to be the same again. Some voices have said people must hold on to their very lifestyles to prove that the enemy has not been victorious, and so it is that many have learned to text, twitter and even scream in the most public of forums. Some speak of holding on to what is dear or of hopefulness that can be believed in. Some speak of running away and some speak of celebrity. How much effort is put into not talking about the kinds of desire that changes lives? What values are reflected in conducting an honest appraisal of the ideas “polite” discourse might consider most inappropriate?”

Issac invites mature Indianapolis theater audiences to join him following the performance to discuss these questions. With no goal of finding an answer, Issac simply wants to pose questions and asks the same of his audiences. Check out The Mercy Seat by Neil LaBute. Reaffirm your ability to question at The Theater Within.

Consider making an evening of it! Make it a date night at any of many great Indianapolis restaurants. After the show, continue your conversation with a drink at an Indianapolis bar. Find out what Indianapolis performing arts has to offer. This innovative little theater is producing some of Indy’s most cutting edge work. The Circle City has yet another Indianapolis arts offering.

For more information on show times and how to purchase tickets, visit The Theater Within’s website.