NoExit Theatre Company Presents “Antigone” at the IMA

NoExit Theatre Company will open its version of the Greek classical tragedy, Antigone, on Friday, September 18, 2009; the show runs through Saturday, September 26, 2009. Take a walk through the gardens of the Indianapolis Museum of Art and watch as one of the greatest arguments in Greek theatre unfolds. The show begins at 6:3o pm. Tickets are $15.oo for general admission, $10.00 for students and museum members.

The Josiah K. Lilly house on the grounds of the Indianapolis Museum of Art provides a back drop for one of the most famous first families in Greek theatre. Antigone is the daughter of Oedipus, and we all know what that means. After the tragic death of her father and mother, Antigone’s two brothers, Polynieces and Eteocles, are left to rule. Though they are supposed to share the throne, neither of them have any plans of ruling in tandem. A bloody civil war ensues in Thebes.

At the opening of NoExit’s production of Antigone, the two brothers have just murdered each other. The throne, as well as the care of the former King’s children, passes to Oedipus’s trusted advisor and friend, Creon. As King, Creon’s first edict is to make a martyr and hero out of one brother and a villain out of the other. He forbids the villainous brother Polynieces any burial rites. However, after Antigone goes against her adopted father and buries her brother. Now under Creon’s edict, she must be put to death.

Director Georgeanna Smith, a product of Butler University’s Theatre program, has created her own adaptation of Antigone, with a focus on the royal family as a whole. NoExit favorites Michael Bachman and Nikki Gatzimos return. The show is populated by Butler University students and alumni, with their own points of view about the nature of theater in Indianapolis.

NoExit is an Indianapolis nonprofit organization dedicated to redefining the nature of Indianapolis art. As one of the most edgy Indianapolis perfoming arts groups, their offerings always seem to have a different perspective from the norm. Catch their version of this Greek tragedy for the next two weekends.

Make an evening of it by visiting any of many great Indianapolis restaurants. After the show, dissect its meanings at any great Indianapolis bar in Broad Ripple Village or Indianapolis downtown. Sometimes Indianapolis nightlife is the best place to let artistic discussions soar.

For more information about ticket prices and show times, visit NoExit’s website.

Indianapolis Museum of Art
4000 Michigan Rd
Indianapolis, IN 46208

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