The Mahler Project Starts @ Butler University with Laban Movement Choir

Butler University’s Jordan College of Fine Arts presents the Mahler project, a celebration of the birth of composer Gustav Mahler and German Expressionism. Butler University Theatre, Dance, Music and Media Arts will come together to produce several Indianapolis events as part of their Mahler Project. This Saturday, September 19, you can catch the first part of the Mahler Project series: a Laban Movement Choir Performance.

Butler Ballet will take the field of the Butler Bowl, at 6:00 pm on Saturday, to transform the space with movement. As one of the premiere dance programs in the country, Butler Ballet offers the people of Indianapolis a chance to see the ballet stars of tomorrow, today!

The Laban Movement Choir performance is based on the movement analysis and dance experimentation of Rudolf Laban. Laban was a large proponent of movement for the masses. With this in mind he created large choreographed pieces for a crowd of dancers. Though everyone moves through the same motions, their is room in his philosophical dance for personal expression. Students of Butler Ballet are trained not only in classical dance methods, but also modern and experimental dance techniques, creating well rounded dancers.


Experience a dance performance like no other. Set to the music of Gustav Mahler and choreographed by Professor Cynthia Pratt, this evening of Indianapolis art is sure to impress. Indianapolis performing arts takes on new meaning this Saturday, September 19 as Butler Ballet experiments with expression.

This event is free of charge and open to the Indianapolis community. Make an evening of it, by spending the dough you saved at any of many great Indianapolis bars and Indianapolis restaurants in nearby Broad Ripple Village or Indianapolis downtown. Stay tuned to Fun City Finder for more information about upcoming events as part of the Mahler Project at Butler University.

For more information about Butler University’s Mahler Project, visit this website.