George Rickey Sculpture: an Evolution

Have you been to downtown Indianapolis lately? Within a thirteen-block area of the center of the Circle City, a special exhibition of George Rickey sculpture is your downtown eye candy through September 17, this coming Thursday. The Indianapolis art community and the arts council organize similar rotating shows to decorate downtown and the lives of Hoosiers with art. Indianapolis sports are huge, granted, but did you know that art in Indianapolis (and other cities in Indiana) is just as big, though not quite as noisy?

The show is called “George Rickey: an Evolution,” and was funded by a Lilly Endowment Fund grant. The ten George Rickey sculptures gracing Indy until the end of this week come from his best-known work. Also featured at the nearby Indianapolis Arts Center are works representing an overview of his early pieces, some never before exhibited, including paintings of still lifes and portraits, floral and mural studies, models of the Indiana artist’s famous kinetic sculptures and some smaller pieces.

The late George Rickey sculptures were from stainless steel and drew upon a profound understanding of physics and wind energy to give them life and a natural, lifelike movement. Visitors to the Indianapolis downtown area can also find five sculptures by the famed artist on display in the sculpture park at the ARTSPARK inside the Indianapolis Arts Center.

While you’re in the area, don’t forget to notice some of the famous Indianapolis attractions, also right before your very nose in classy and classic downtown Indianapolis.

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