Ike and Jonesy’s Restaurant’s a Party for a Whole Year

One of the most popular locales for Indianapolis nightlife, Ike & Jonesy’s Restaurant, kicked off a full year of serious partying last week to celebrate its 25-year anniversary. Staying alive for 25 years is an accomplishment, especially for an Indianapolis restaurant in bustling downtown Indianapolis. For Ike and Jonesy’s, success could be due to the great food, or possibly the superior and friendly service or even the outstanding bartenders. But most likely it stems straight from their 25-year old motto: “The customer has to have fun.”

Here’s a great video with Da Band performing at Ike and Jonsey’s in downtown Indianapolis.


Ike & Jonesy’s was the brainchild of a couple named Ricky and Linda Eichholtz, who met in college and decided then and there that what they were especially good at was having fun, and they wanted to keep doing for the rest of their lives. The name of the downtown Indianapolis restaurant comes from the short version of Ricky’s last name, Eichholtz, and Linda’s maiden name.

If you’re in Indianapolis, or even one of the many nearby cities in Indiana, and you find yourself pondering the burning question, What are the best dating and romantic ideas in Indianapolis? Take a look at I & J’s Restaurant. This tends to be the place where people hook up, some of them for life. Ike & Jonesy’s is big on customer relations, and has a good, solid, long-lived reputation as an excellent Indianapolis restaurant by day, and Indianapolis bar and dance club at night, the one where the singles go.

They stay open late, too, especially on the weekends, so you can dance the night away to local Indianapolis music luminaries and Indianapolis bands.

Congratulations to Ike & Jonesy’s! Here’s to another twenty-five.

Hours of operation:
Monday – Friday, 11 am – 3 am
Saturday, 5 pm – 3 am
Sundays only for Colts home games

Ike & Jonesy’s
17 W Jackson Pl
Indianapolis, IN 46225

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