Clarian People Mover: Transporting Well-Being in Indianapolis

When the Clarian Health Partners first took control of three of the biggest medical institutions in Indianapolis, transportation between segments was difficult and time consuming. Passengers had to cross the interstate, meander through several public streets, and then find a place to park before they could access the facilities they needed. This created logistical nightmares: patients were jostled, doctors wasted valuable time, and students arrived late to classes and demonstrations.

Those problems are no more. In 2003, the Clarian People Mover took its first five minute journey, uniting the three facilities and striking a blow for Indianapolis health and Indianapolis education. The Clarian People Mover is an automated duorail that shuttles patients, the public, physicians, and others between Methodist Hospital, the Indiana University Hospital, and Riley Hospital.

Home video of the Clarian People Mover on a rainy day in Indianapolis


The Clarian People Mover is open to the public and departs every six minutes; the round trip takes roughly ten minutes, a vast improvement over the network’s former travel time. The Clarian People Mover consists of two three-carriage trains, each of which can hold up to 81 passengers. It’s the only private transportation system in the United States that runs above public roads.

WISH TV 8 video in Indianapolis about a rescue on the Clarian People Mover


Patients and doctors aren’t the only ones that benefit from the Clarian People Mover. Medical students at the Indiana University School of Medicine benefit from the increased access to Riley Hospital and Methodist Hospital, and families are able to visit their loved ones without fear of downtown traffic.

The Clarian People Mover has been a safe and environmentally friendly travel option for many years. There has only been one problem with the Clarian People Mover since it opened for passengers in 2003. In August of 2009, one of the trains stopped in the middle of the rails. No one was injured, and eventually service resumed.

The Clarian People Mover is a benevolent symbol of downtown Indianapolis and will continue shuttling well-being to the Circle City‘s residents for many years to come.

For more information about the Clarian People Mover, please visit the Clarian Health website.

Methodist Hospital
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Indiana University Hospital
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