Remodeling Your Indianapolis Home: Tips For the Bathroom

With so many other Indianapolis homes for sale to compete with, you may be thinking about remodeling your home to make it work for you a little while longer. What area of your house are you thinking about tackling? The kitchen? Your master bedroom? Maybe a bathroom remodel? If you’re considering the latter, following are some tips to making this remodel of your Central Indiana home a good experience.

First, consider how long you will remain in your home. If you are thinking about putting your house on the market within the next three years, conducting a total bathroom remodel may not be a wise investment for you to make.

The Indianapolis real estate market, like many around the United States, can be a tough market in which to sell a home quickly. Of course, some areas of Indianapolis seem virtually untouched by the current economic crisis in terms of sales, such as sections of Greenwood, but overall, you want to plan ahead as best as possible

Contact a Indianapolis REALTOR® first to see how your neighborhood is doing and then determine how long you think you’ll want to stay in your home. If you decide you’d like to stay longer than three years, gutting your bathroom and starting over may be a more viable option. If you’re itching to move after the news you hear, consider cheaper options like changing out fixtures and applying a fresh coat of paint.

Secondly, before considering a bathroom remodel, consider how much you can really afford to spend. If you decided you don’t have a lot to invest right now but still can’t stand bear your bathroom, again, consider a less expensive bathroom remodel like choosing a new color theme or tiling a backsplash.

If you know you have more to spend and you can’t bear to look at your fixtures from the ’60s anymore, contact a few contractors and ask for estimates. Check with websites like Angie’s List or ask your neighbors for referrals. Also do some online research to see what others have spent for similar updates so you are secure you are getting the best price when hiring a contractor.

Lastly, consider what physical space you have in which to make these updates. Is the bathroom just too small? Do you want to add a garden tub but you know there’s really not enough room for it? If so, this will be a more complicated project for a contractor and again something to consider into the total appreciation of your home. Make sure the neighborhood you live in is holding well in terms of appreciation before making serious changes to its structure, that is if you are concerned about a return on your investment.

Also, an important element to consider is if you home is on a slab, crawl space or basement. If you are on a slab, moving things around like plumbing will be more complicated and costly. Simpler changes in this case may be in order.

Whatever you decide regarding what you have to spend or when you’d like to someday sell, having a home you enjoy is important. Weigh these factors together to see what kind of changes you’d like to make to your bathroom. And maybe even consider starting small by changing up a few things by redecorating. Perhaps even updating your colors and hanging a fresh set of complimentary towels will satisfy your itch to switch up your bathrooms.