Carmel Symphony Orchestra Welcomes Michael Feinstein This Saturday

The Carmel Symphony Orchestra welcomes Michael Feinstein for a one night only performance event on Friday, September 25 in the Westfield High School auditorium. The show, in Carmel, Indiana, starts at 7:30 and tickets are available for purchase online.

Feinstein is one of the world’s most renowned pianist and vocalist, with a passion for musical archiving. He joins the Carmel Symphony Orchestra as a benefit for the Michael Feinstein Foundation and to raise funds for the Carmel Symphony Orchestra.

“We are absolutely thrilled to have a living legend like Michael Feinstein join our orchestra for an evening,” says Alan Davis, President and CEO of the Carmel Symphony Orchestra. “Feinstein is beloved in the music industry, and our incredibly talented musicians are delighted to provide his accompaniment for the evening. We look forward to raising money for both the CSO and the Michael Feinstein Foundation.”

Feinstein is in the process of making the big move to the Circle City. He plans to bring his foundation with him to Indy, where it will be headquartered in Carmel’s new Regional Performing Arts Center. His foundation focuses on preserving new American classics such as Irving Berlin, Cole Porter and George Gershwin. His mission is to publish these classics in the Great American Songbook, so that future generations can be educated about this country’s musical history.

“With the Feinstein Foundation—and Michael himself—moving to Carmel, we hope this is just the first of many partnerships between Feinstein and the Carmel Symphony Orchestra,” says Doris Anne Sadler, Executive Director of the Michael Feinstein Foundation.

For more information about this Indianapolis music event, visit the Carmel Symphony Orchestra website. There you can purchase tickets to this Indianapolis event, learn more about the Micheal Feinstein Foundation, and read about upcoming Carmel Symphony Orchestra concerts and events.

The Indianapolis art community is proud to welcome such a talented philanthropist to our Indianapolis society. Hopefully Michael Feinstein, and his involvement with Indianapolis, is a topic you will continue to read about hear at Fun City