Colts Clip Dolphins in a Nail Biter

The game was dubbed “Peyton vs The Wild Cat,” and neither side disappointed. An amazing 27-23 win for the Indianapolis Colts last night created so many water-cooler talking points for Tuesday, Circle City residents don’t know where to begin. Fear not fellow football fans, is here to help.

When Peyton Manning hit Dallas Clark for an 80 yard touchdown over the middle, it looked as though the boys in blue were going to have their way with the Miami defense. The only problem is, to dominate the opponents defense you need to have the ball. The Dolphins game plan was near perfect. They held the ball on offense for over 45 minutes of the game. A steady dose of short passes from quarterback Chad Pennington, complimented by a running game that totaled 239 yards, Miami showed that Manning & Co. can’t hurt you when they are standing on the sideline.


  • Even with less than a full quarter’s worth of possession on offense, Peyton Manning went 14-23 and racked up 303 yards passing and two touchdowns. That makes him two for two so far this year with 300+ passing yards per game.
  • Dallas Clark had a huge night down in Miami, catching seven balls for 183 yards and one touchdown.
  • In only his second professional football game, Donald Brown looks like he is maturing quickly. Hoosiers all over Indiana could get used to seeing him run through, and over, the defensive secondary like he did last night for his first NFL TD.
  • With a name like Pierre Garcon, and speed that few other players in the league possess, we will start referring to young Pierre as “The Flying Frenchman” whether he like is or not. Scoring the game winning 48 yard touchdown on the road for your first six is never a bad thing.


  • The Colts defense jumped off-side four times last night, including on a third down in the fourth quarter that extended a Dolphins drive which resulted in a field goal and the lead.
  • Miami ran roughshod all over the defense with both conventional plays and the Wild Cat formation. Indy will have to find a way to stop the run better or opponents will attack this all season long.
  • Not to kick ’em while they are down, but the blue  horseshoes could not get off the field on third downs, letting Miami convert on 15-21 attempts. This has never been a strong suit for the Colts, hopefully new defensive coordinator Larry Coyer has something to remedy this situation. All this said the Colts’ D came up big on the last series.
  • Joseph Addai played uninspired when he was in the game. The fact that Donald Brown was in the backfield with Manning for most of the fourth quarter might be a sign of things to come.


  • What was Miami doing on their last possession? Their clock management, reminiscent of your kid’s peewee league, was juvenile at best.


  • With last night’s win, Peyton Manning surpassed Johnny Unitas as the Colts all-time leader in career wins with 119. When asked how such an achievement felt and what it meant to him, Manning responded with pure class in saying “I don’t feel comfortable with these comparisons to Unitas. But I’m very proud to wear the same uniform as Johnny Unitas. He was a real winner.”
  • The hook-up between Manning and Clark on the Colts first offensive play resulted in the quickest opening score in the 40 years Monday Night Football has been on the air.
  • The Colts meager time of possession 14:53, is the shortest amount of time any winning team has ever held the ball since the NFL started tracking such a stat in 1977.


In a game that resembled a fight where the underdog had the favorite pinned against the ropes for the first 11 rounds, Miami could not duck the final haymaker that Peyton threw for the knockout. It means the Colts are 2-0 and even though it is early, sit atop the AFC South alone. Since the 2005 season, the winners of the AFC South have started 13-0, 9-0, 7-0, 10-0 respectively . Being the last undefeated team in the division bodes well for Indianapolis.


The Colts travel to the desert to take on last season’s Super Bowl runner-up, the Arizona Cardinals. Check back with us at on Friday for a preview of the Sunday night game.