Indianapolis Colts Win Big Down in the Desert

So apparently the Indianapolis Colts are allowed to win by more than a touchdown. After the first two weeks saw the Indianapolis sports football franchise eking out victories of 14-12 and 27-23, the mighty Horseshoes cruised to a much desired win in Arizona, 31-10. The Sunday night game was supposed to be an exhibition of two of the NFL’s high-powered offenses, perhaps someone forgot to tell the Cardinals.

Momentum is a funny thing. In football it can change as quickly as one snap of the ball. Case in point, last night’s game.  After a slow start saw Peyton Manning and the Colts go three and out on their first three offensive possessions, it looked as though the aging-wonder Kurt Warner and his team would take a quasi-commanding 10-0 lead early in the second quarter. Just five yards from pay dirt, the Arizona running back Tim Hightower must have felt a little twinge in his throat  because he coughed up the ball.

Just like that Mr. Mo Mentum had jumped ship and sailed with Colts the rest of the night. For Hoosiers all over Indiana last night was a smorgasbord of big plays on both sides of the ball. Each week we here at will give you a few bullet points as to what went well and frankly what we could do without.


  • The whole country is starting to remember what the Circle City has known for the past decade, Mr Manning is really really good. At this point it would be near impossible to argue that Peyton is not the best QB in the league, this includes a certain goat canoodling signal caller up in the Northeast. Peyton’s game management has always been good, but this season is looking like it may be his best yet.
  • Manning is now three for three this season in 300+ yard games. His final line for Sunday night’s game is his best yet, he completed  24/35 for 379 yards 4TDs and 1 INT.
  • Reggie Wayne was always considered the Colts #1 receiver, but when Anthony Gonzalez went down in week one, most thought Reggie would see double coverage from defenses forcing the young and inexperienced players to beat them. Well Reggie decided he didn’t like that idea. Last night he caught 7 passes for 126 yards, which included a ridiculous one-handed snag to score the game’s first touchdown.
  • Speaking of those young and inexperienced players, the Flying Frenchman, Pierre Garcon, liked scoring a touchdown so much last week against Miami he decided to do it again this week. This time it was for 53 yards, and while he did have a chance at a second TD literally go right through his hands he is quickly becoming an a favorite of Colts fans everywhere. Also Donald Brown turned in another great performance with the games longest reception. After Manning tossed him a quick out, Brown rumbled for 72 yards to setup a Joseph Addai touchdown.
  • On the other side of the ball, we predicted that Dwight Freeney, Robert Mathis and the rest of the Colts front line would have a big night pressuring Kurt Warner. When Arizona fell behind and had to abandon the run game and attack through the air, the front line went to town. The only time they were not in the Cardinals back-field was when Arizona was in the huddle.


  • Dwight Freeney was a man possessed for the first three quarters last night, unfortunately he could not go all four quarters because, in his own words he “felt something pop” in his right quadriceps. Since the Colts are not in the breakfast cereal industry, they do not like to hear things go snap, crackle or pop. The Colts are hoping that the results of a MRI will come back negative and Dwight will be playing this Sunday.
  • What do the names Bob Sanders, Gary Bracket, Kelvin Haden and Dwight Freeney make you thing of? If you answered the core of a pretty scary defense you would be correct. However, you would also be correct if you said the core of a pretty scary defense that did not play in last night’s game do to injuries. The Colts are hoping to get the the last three on that list back for this Sunday’s game, but there is no real timetable as to when Sanders will see the field.


  • This isn’t supposed to be a weekly part of our Colts wrap-up but Peyton Manning obviously has no regard for what we want. Last week Peyton surpassed Johnny Unitas as the all-time leader in Colts victories with 119. After the game he talked about how much he respected Johnny U, well if he respects him so much he has a funny way of showing it. For the second straight week Manning has surpassed Unitas in the record books. This latest 4 touchdown performance by Peyton gives him 18 such games in his career, and moves him ahead of the Baltimore Colt commander. This ranks Peyton third behind only Dan Marino’s 21 and Brett Favre’s 20.


The Colts come home to Lucas Oil Stadium in downtown Indianapolis for a 1 p.m. kick off against the 1-2 Seattle Seahawks. Check in with us on Friday afternoon as we preview the Colts week 4 match up.