Indiana Education is the Topic on the Floor of Congress Today: “When Should Indianapolis Kids Start School?”

Today Indiana lawmakers will face a group of Indianapolis parents lobbying to move the start date of Indianapolis public schools back to the end of August. The Senate Education Committee and the House Education Committee intend to hold a joint session today in which they discuss the positives and negatives of such a proposal to Indianapolis education and Indianapolis kids.

This time around, the elected officials of the Indiana State Capitol building are interested in hearing what you have to say about Indianapolis education. They asked the people of Indianapolis to take a survey. The results of that survey will be published today when the Indiana Senate and Indiana House committees converge.

Your ideas about how to raise your kids and your answers to the tough questions will play a role in their discussion today and ultimately their decision for the long run. The Indianapolis education questions: When should the school year begin? How should the school year be configured with the number of days and breaks in between?

According to Indiana law, Indianapolis kids are required to attend at least 180 days of school. In the past, school start dates have been decided by various districts, meaning that Indiana cities were starting schools at times all over the calendar. The earliest start date this year was August 7th.

One group of Hoosier moms and dads are on a mission to “Save Indiana Summers!” They want to reverse the early start date trend and move the first day of school to the end of August. They have a website explaining their viewpoints. Visit it here to find out what they have to say about Indianapolis education.

In short, these parents believe that more of your tax dollars are spent on utility costs during that first hot summer month of school. As the start date of school draws nearer and nearer to July, they fear summer enrichment programs and remediation programs that many Indianapolis kids need would disappear. In addition, this group has evidence that more school days do not improve Indianapolis education. In other states, adding days to the school year resulted lower ACT test scores for many kids.

“Adding more of the same isn’t going to make a difference to our kid’s education. We owe it to our kids to dig a little deeper and make sure we are teaching smarter and we are using our time more efficiently, so they are able to compete in the global market place. That is very very important, ” said Tina Bruno, one mother member of Save Indiana Summers. The group will speak in front of Indiana lawmakers today.

The only snag to their plan are certain educators, who are lobbying for year round school. They say Indianapolis kids should go to class more days or have a continuous school calendar year with more breaks. From their perspective, year round school would serve Indianapolis education.
I am sure their are dozens of kids in Indy who would love to weigh in on the floor of the Indiana congress today.