4 Home Improvements Under $1000 For Indianapolis Homeowners

There are mixed opinions about whether or not the state of Indianapolis real estate is on its way up, in a holding pattern, or continuing a downward trend. While some Indiana homeowners wait out the roller coaster, others are full-speed ahead by getting their homes back on the market with an Indianapolis REALTOR®.

While possibly waiting to make a decision about putting your home up for sale against the competition of other Indianapolis homes for sale, you may be thinking about home improvements. Most homeowners are pinching pennies right now and probably not thinking about large scale remodels of their Indianapolis homes. Instead, you may be considering what cheap home improvements you can make to satisfy your remodeling itch.

To start out, when thinking about cheap home improvements, obviously consider where you can start small. Also consider where you can do the work yourself.

That being said, don’t hesitate to gather the estimates of a few contractors for your ideas because they are struggling just like every other industry and some have cut their estimates by nearly 40 percent during 2009. Since the bigger jobs are harder to come by, it is easier now to acquire an excellent contractor who is willing to take on smaller jobs.

Following are 4 cheap home improvements you can make now for less that $1000 while waiting to see what the real estate market does in your area:

Add wainscotting. An update that can be made for easily less than $1000 is to add wainscotting to a bathroom. Let’s face it, bathrooms can really be either hit or miss. This is especially true for more modest homes with tiny bathrooms. Give potential buyers nothing else to complain about but the lack of size by adding the simple feature of wainscotting which can give any bathroom a cottage feel. The feature is made up of simple wood paneling that alternates to give a textured feel. Typically a carpenter can make this addition in a few hours.

Update light fixtures. If you’re a bargain hunter, this can be one of the least expensive and most stunning improvements you can make to your home. Check around your area for lighting stores who have yearly blow out sales of overstock. Frequently, you can get normally quite expensive lighting for pennies on the dollar at these kinds of sales. Be careful installing updates here yourself, however, because electricity is nothing to play around with if you’re an amateur. This is not the kind of area where you want to experiment. For that, stick with painting updates.

More moldings. Adding beefier moldings around the home is the kind of improvement that strikes a buyer when they walk in your home the first time. They may not be able to put a finger on why your home just looks better than the others right away but after a while, it will stand out. You don’t want to go overboard in very small homes but if you have a moderately-sized home, a simple six-inch-or-so trim that is painted to match the rest of your woodwork should be fine.

Tile the fireplace. While it’s hard to anticipate what will be the taste of each individual who walks through your home, adding a decorative feature to your fireplace is a simple improvement you can make over the course of a few days. Because this can be such a small area to improve, you can invest in slightly more expensive materials as well. Again, this is an area to look at for remnants that suppliers may have to get the best deals.