Indianapolis City Council Considers Smoking Ban

Smoking inside in Indianapolis may soon go down in Indianapolis history as out of date, as Marion County discusses a city-wide smoking ban. Next Monday, October 5, the City-County Council will hear a proposal, which bans smoking in all Indianapolis businesses. This smoking ban proposal is just one step further than the current smoking ban in the Circle City, which restricts smoking in businesses that serve Indianapolis kids under the age of 18.

“The proposal basically removes all exceptions except for private residences and company cars that only have one employee in the car at all times,” said Councillor and co-author of the proposal, Angela Mansfield, a democrat. That means Indianapolis businesses like the Broad Ripple Tavern, in the Indianapolis cultural district, Broad Ripple Village, will have to move the smoking area outside.


“It won’t single-out our bar,” said Broad Ripple Tavern manager Kurtis Hunn. “It’s going to be everybody. So I don’t think it’ll affect business that much.” But the manager of the Egyptian Cafe and Hooka Bar, Ahmed Aly, thinks it will have a negative affect on his business. Aly said he’ll try to beef up his drink and food menu if the proposal passes. But in the end, he believes it has the potential to permanently shut his doors.

The proposal could go to the full council for a vote as early as October 26. If passed, the ban would be effective immediately, meaning major changes to the face of Indianapolis health. No longer will Indianapolis society sit in smoke filled Indianapolis bars, or eat food tinged with smoke in Indianapolis restaurants. The face of Hoosier’s living in Indy will change drastically with the passage of such a ban.

But regardless of being a smoker or not, the people of Indianapolis have to agree that such a law is almost neccessary for the city of Indianapolis to keep up with the times. Smoking has already been banned in businesses in cities such as New York, Chicago and even Portland, Maine. If Indiana wants to keep up with the times, this is one band wagon we can not fall off.