Indiana Film Society Screens Goyokin, Tuesday, Oct. 6

The Indiana Film Society screens yet another classic this Tuesday, October 6 at 7:00 pm; the film, Goyokin, is a treasure of Japanese cinema. Catch it in the Lakin Auditorium of the Arthur M. Glick Jewish Community Center at6701 Hoover Road, Indianapolis, Indiana 46260. This is a free Indianapolis art event open to all Indianapolis people.

Goyokin is set in 1831 Japan. After an unjust massacre in a northern coastal town, the main character Magobei quit his official post.  It all began when a local budget came up short. In order to make up for this budgetary short fall, the local authorities steal a shipment of Imperial gold, known as the Goyokin. The authorities then blame their own thievery on a nearby fishing town. As punishment, the entire town is massacred, the murder, officiated over by Magobei’s former boss, Rokugo Tatewaki.

Now Magobei’s life is in danger and another town is on the brink of massacre at the hands of the same evil authorities. He teams up with the first massacre’s soul survivor, Oriha, and heads north to find his destiny as a hero.


Goyokin was the first ever in Japanese cinematic history to be shot in Panavision. Come share this classic piece of film history in Indianapolis with all your favorite Hoosier movie buffs. If you are looking for something different this week in the Circle City, this Indianapolis event might just be perfect. For Indianapolis entertainment on a shoestring budget, what could be better than a free movie?

While you are there, consider becoming a part of this Indianapolis society. Membership is cheap, easy, and highly appreciated as the Indiana Film Society continues to bring something special to Indiana arts. For more information about this and other upcoming films in the Indiana Film Society’s Fall Film Series, visit their website!