Aging Along With Your Indianapolis Home

As it can be in any city around Indiana, competition in the Indianapolis real estate market can be tough. With all the various Indianapolis home for sale, you may be wondering how your home compares and what you can do to stand out.

There are many strategies to consider when selling your Indianapolis home. Working with an Indianapolis REALTOR® to come up with various ideas specific to your home is a good place to start.

On the other hand, you may be thinking about whether or not you want to stay in your current home for the long haul and make the necessary age-related structural changes along the way to make that possible. Either way, these changes that age along with you will benefit not only yourself but quite possibly the value in your home as older generations consider buying your home.

With all the uncertainty in the world of real estate, one thing is certain and that is we will age along with our home. Builders associations even state that making age-related structural changes to your home can be a sound investment. Baby boomers are reaching over one-fourth of our total population so to have a home that appeals to this generation can be a positive you will want to highlight if you do sell your home.

Designers are finding that homeowners from all generations are looking for basic products that are safer to use such as textured tiles that prevent slips. These kind of simple changes are beneficial to all ages but can be specifically marketed to older generations.

More involved age-related structural changes are projects like widening your hallways, remodeling bathrooms to create more room to move around, and installing bathroom railings. While hallways themselves may be technically wide enough to fit a wheelchair, doorways may not be and are another area that can be updated.

If you are in the process of remodeling a bathroom and have the physical space that allows, the bigger you make the shower the better. However, space can be an issue in this small part of the home so if you can’t go larger, make sure to install a frameless shower door that allows a wheelchair to easily roll over it.

Aside from the textured tiles that are a popular request for any age range, sunken family rooms are a common area to make an age-related change. Probably an area that would be an oversight to a younger generation that can easily get around, maneuvering even a single step can be a potential hazard to an older generation. That is why filling in a sunken room is becoming a common request asked for of contractors.

When thinking about making any age-related change to your home, think in terms of safety. Look around your home for simple to complex changes that can be made and invest in these changes according to your budget.

Simple changes could include adding lights at the base of a stairwell so that steps can be maneuvered more easily. Because steps in general can be cumbersome for the elderly or disabled population, also consider removing steps outside the home and adding a slope instead.

One basic change you can easily make to your home is changing out door knobs. A lever style of knob is much easier for any generation to open and especially for those with any physical limitation involving their arms.

Also, contact your accountant when making these types of changes to your home because some age-related remodels that are medically necessary can be tax deductible.