Indianapolis Colts Bye Week News

Alright all you Indianapolis Colts fans stiffen that upper lip, you knew this was going to happen. The 5-0 Indianapolis sports football franchise has the day off this weekend so you will have to find some other way to spend your Sunday. If you are struggling to cope with the fact that the Colts are out of action look on the bright side; this is one more week that the Boys in Blue are guaranteed to extend their undefeated streak.

While the Colts rest, we at will use this time to make sure all of Indianapolis is caught up on the latest Circle City football news.

Even in a bye week the Colts have been anything but stagnant. Earlier this week there was concern over Peyton Manning‘s knee after he took a low blow from Tennessee’s defensive end Kyle Vanden Bosch in the Colts Week 5 drubbing of the Titans. After practice this past Wednesday Peyton said that while his knee was a bit sore it was really a non-issue and that he would be fine.Vanden Bosch was subsequently fined five thousand dollars by the NFL for the infraction.

The Colts kicker Adam Vinatieri will be sidelined 4-8 weeks following successful arthroscopic knee surgery. Vinatieri would have liked to have pushed through the pain, but the Colts coaching and training staff felt now was the right time to address the issue. So what do you do when you lose one of the all-time greats of the NFL kicking game? You go out and get yourself another one of the all-time greats.

19 year veteran kicker Matt Stover joined Indy this week and brings with him plenty of experience. Stover is the NFL’s fourth all-time leading scorer with 1,944 points. He also holds the NFL record for most consecutive games with a field goal, he split the uprights in a mind blowing 38 games in a row with the Baltimore Ravens.

However, the news of Stover’s addition did not bring smiles to everyone in the Colts locker room. To make space on the roster, the Indianapolis Colts released defensive tackle Ed Johnson. Johnson started 21 games for the Colts over the past three seasons. Colts head coach Jim Caldwell said Johnson was released due to production and that it was not a character issue.

With so much attention being focused on the hot start that Peyton Manning and his offense is off to so far this season, lost is the exceptional play of the defensive line’s bookends. While Dwight Freeney missed the fourth quarter against Phoenix in Week 3 and most of the action against Seattle during Week 4, he still leads the team with 6 sacks this season. Not far behind in Robert Mathis with 4.5 sacks of his own.

Speaking of the Horseshoes’ defense…the Colts hope this off week will give that extra needed time to get back some of their key players the injury bug has bitten. Safety Bob Sanders finally joined the Colts on the practice field in the week leading up to the Tennessee game, and thinks his ailing knee will be in game day condition come next Sunday. Hopefully joining him will be cornerbacks Marlin Jackson (knee) and Kelvin Hayden (hamstring) as well as offensive tackle Charlie Johnson who has been resting a painful knee.

If the fact that the Colts are 5-0 is not enough to put a smile on your face, check out the team’s statistical totals so far this season here.

Need something to do this weekend since the Colts aren’t playing? Just click on our link of things to do in Indianapolis and you will keep yourself more than busy. My suggestion…take the family out and go pick a pumpkin or two. Also, get all the chores you can possibly do out of the way. If the Colts keep playing like this it is going to be a long and happy playoff season.

We will be back on Monday to give you a rundown of the AFC South, the AFC itself and the entire NFL to see where things stand. You van help grow here in Indiana. If you like what you’ve read pass it on to a few friends…if you didn’t like it, read it again until you do.