Butler University Hosts Free Lecture Tuesday: Piety and Poetry in Jerusalem

Butler University’s four part seminar on Religion and World Civilization continues Tuesday, October 20 at 7:00 pm with the topic Piety and Poetry in Jerusalem. This Indianapolis event is free and open to all Indianapolis people, although tickets are required. Join the Indianapolis community at Clowes Memorial Hall as experts lead a discussion about the nature of art in the holy city of Jerusalem. Contribute to Indianapolis education as you contribute to this global conversation.

The Indianapolis educational event will begin with speaker Dr. David Berger as he attempts to decode Jerusalem as a place where people of faith, writer, artists and musicians all seem to find inspiration. What is it about the rich cultural, religious, and symbolic landscape of Jerusalem that inspires the spirituality of Judaism, Christianity and Islam? Berger, who is the director of Jewish Studies at Yeshiva College and the dean of the Bernard Revel Graduate School at Yeshiva University in New York, attempts to get to the heart of Piety and Poetry in Jerusalem. Dr. David Berger, a member of the Rabbinical Council of America, will speak from his background of scholarship on medieval Jewish-Christian debates and inter-religious relations.

The discussion on Piety and Poetry in Jerusalem will continue with two respondents before the floor is open to the general public for questions and comments. Dr. Marti Steussy will speak on the same topic from her background as the Macallister-Petticrew Professor of Biblical Interpretation at the Christian Theological Seminary in Indianapolis. Then Dr. Laila Ayoubi will take the floor and shed light on another part of the conversation with her experience in the Afghan mission in Islamabad, Pakistan. Ayoubi has taught courses in French, Islam, and Afghanistan at Butler University and Marian Univeristy.

Grab some dinner at the Indianapolis restaurants in Broad Ripple Village before heading over to Clowes Memorial Hall on the campus of Butler University for this meaty discussion. Expand your global awareness at one of the largest colleges or universities in Indiana. Become a student of the world without ever leaving the Circle City.